Whole Sale

Start stocking high quality products in your shop now! At Hempreal we strive to provide the best wholesale prices in the Hemp CBD industry. We encourage distributors to carry different types of CBD products so your store has it all! Don’t waste a conversion from a consumer because you didn’t have the product they were looking for! Ask about our price break discount’s and MOQ’s. Well be sure to help with inventory that your comfortable with and well provide the best price for profitability. Send us an email if you have any questions. Our product catalog and price will be available after you’ve been an approved wholesaler!


Industry leading deliverability

Our main focus is to get you sales. That reliable stats of products you have comes from a reliable source. Gain trust with your customers and be seen as an authority in your industry.

Switching is easy

We’ve removed the roadblocks for you to switch sources. Whether your starting up or already heavy in the industry. Let us know what your comfortable with and we’ll provide you the best price.

We support you

Our team is ready to listen and help you grow your business. Our support and live agents are available from 9-5. Five days a week.


Take advantage of becoming a distributor. Customers are always exploring Hempreal to see who has the best online cannabis retail store to shop at